Basement Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

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The most critical component to making a basement a place people want to hang out is good lighting. Here’s another example of a well-planned ceiling layout. The tray ceiling in the middle is surrounded by lower areas that can conceal ductwork and piping. It also gave the builder a spot to install indirect lighting. Because the ceilings in a basement are usually lower than elsewhere in the house, light reflected up off the ceiling — like the ambient lighting in this tray ceiling or the sconces on the wall — is better than light directed down.
basement lighting ideas - track lightining

Track Lighting
Yes we said track lighting but we aren’t talking about those random lights which adorned every sitting room back in the 80’s to mid 90’s. Track Lighting comes in many different sizes and styles and also brings something special to any room. Simply put, track lights can be a remodeled basement’s secret sauce

Track lights are relatively easy to install and as we’ve mentioned before, extremely flexible – bending to most any design aesthetic. Not to mention that track lights can be used to change the lighting of a room due to their ability to be moved or aimed differently in a space.

basement lighting ideas - pendulum

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling and then hover over a location that requires illumination. This form of lighting not only adds a beautiful glow of light to an area, but also a special design element which is perfect over bars, table and more.
Depending upon their style, pendant lights are great for supply direct illumination to a specific area. Not to mention they simply look fabulous in almost any design whether it be residential or commercial.



recessed can lights

Recessed Can Lighting

If your renovated basement has a dry-wall and framed ceiling, recessed can lighting can be just the thing to add not only more illumination but a touch of subtle design. The benefit of recessed can lights is that they can add bright, focused light anywhere you need it. They’re fantastic for sitting, dining and just any where you need anything from dim to intense lighting. These are perfect for game rooms, home cinemas and gyms

tray ceiling

For something different that will add that something special for your lighting element in a room? Look no further than uplighting. Made famous in Cinemas and restaurants for ambiance,  Uplighting provides a soft yet noticeable design element to your space that won’t produce stark shadows or glare..

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Restaurant Build – Louisville

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We have had the pleasure of teaming up with a local Louisville Flooring and reclaimed wood specialist for a build on a new restaurant opening up in Jeffersontown near the Louisville Slugger offices. The beauty of this project is that because of the working relationships we created in only a short amount of time, Normal Niles & Vance was offered several opportunities to come in on several local projects in the Louisville area to assist a few of the local builders such as John Allgeier of Southern Vintage – Reclaimed wood specialists.

Tristan Charles - Restaurant
Tristan Charles – Restaurant

On the restaurant build, John Allgeier’s two product lines: Flooring and Granite Designs and Southern Vintage came in helped take the project to the next level. There were many different local louisville flooring companies to choose from but because the project also called for the use of reclaimed wood, working with Mr. Allgeier on both efforts was a great match. Southern Vintage provided not only the reclaimed wood which was used on the ceiling, some of the walls and various other sections, but they offered to assist in the milling and refining of the wood that was a family secret passed down for three generations. It was a work of art we have to say.  Every wood worker has their own spin on the many processes of what we do similar to how a painter approaches a canvas. We have to say that teaming up with Mr. Allgeier and his team on this job, was an amazing opportunity and we look forward to many future projects.

You might even recognize the Marazzi Tile which was used in the main dining room that resembles wood.

We even learned how to pronounce ‘Louisville’ like the locals.

Marazzi Tile

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In most cases we have found ourselves agnostic and neutral in regards to many of the products that we use but if there is one line that we have found ourselves using more often than not, It’s Marazzi Tile.

Marazzi manufactures a tile product that is so versatile and durable that we have used it in both residential and commercial as well as the fact that there is not one room in a home or office design where we haven’t found a use for it. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gyms and even airports. Floors, ceilings, walls etc.

This is a tile product that will work in any design project you might have.

Contact us today if you have more questions and feel free to visit the Marazzi USA Tile site.

Cali Bamboo

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As seen on HGTV DIY The Discovery and The Travel Channel, Cali Bamboo is one of those products that we have implemented into designs from our mid range to our luxury work.  We’ve found Calibamboo to be a versatile  product that works in most any kind of room design from being used as flooring, to walls and every thing in between.

Contact us today and ask us about Cali Bamboo.